Mini-Bio Circus 

Lucy Loop performs with fire, glow, stilts, and roller skates!  Find her adding hula hoops, poi, fire fans, visual poi and more to her energetic shows.  Street festivals, weddings, parties, night clubs and music festivals are just a few of the venues she performs in.

Mini-Bio Burlesque

Lucy Loop brings a cute-storm of sexy to her unique brand of neo-burlesque and hoop dance*.  

Growing up catholic in the “Great White North” meant that baring-it-all was pretty taboo as well as inconvenient. Lucy is now determined to make up for that. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, she often adds hoops, poi and fire to her imaginative performances.

Longer Bio

Lucy Loop brings a cute-storm of sexy to her unique brand of neo-burlesque and hoop dance. She runs http://GoGoGlowgirls.com in Toronto and her performance specialties include: burlesque, go-go hoop dancing, fetish style hoop and poi dance, glow props and fire performance.

A graduate of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society’s Becoming Burlesque program in Vancouver, Lucy has now added 3 years of burlesque to her 6 years of hoop dance and 10+ years of stage experience performing as a musician. She is a repeat performer at the Toronto International Burlesque Festival (2013 & 2015’s Pop! at the Mod Club) and the 2014 & 2015 Ottawa Burlesque Festival (at The Gladstone Theatre & Bronson Centre Theatre respectively) Lucy is the resident hoop burlesque performer at popular monthly Thigh High: The Kush of Kabaret and a regular glow hoop performer at Oasis Aqualounge, including Nuit Blanche 2014.  Lucy Loop struts her stuff for producers Esther De Ville, Great Canadian Burlesque, Red Herring Burlesque, Dirty Cupcake fetish dance parties, and various other shows. She is mentioned in http://awrittenview.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/obf-friday-the-dark-side-of-the-merkin/ and scored a writeup in lifestyle & entertainment news source: Addicted.


*Lucy Loop is available for booking, her specialties include:
burlesque, hoop dance, go-go dancing, go-go hoop and poi dancing, fetish style hoop dancing, glow props and fire performance.


What makes Lucy Loop go ’round?

Gracing and embracing stages, dance floors, dirt pathways and fields all over Canada, adding sexiness, hoops and comedy.
lucy loop looks back
Lucy Loop hails from Canada and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, having recently moved there from the west coast of Vancouver, BC.
“Growing up in the ‘Great White North’ made taking ones clothes off a rare and serious enterprise. You had to be very determined or it had to be August.  As a Catholic school girl in a small town, one also had to not swear, wear skirts a little too often, eat many pancake breakfasts and pull up (and pull off!) many a knee sock.”

She later discovered that being an altar server was not just about having the best seat in the house to see who was cute in church, it was about having the power to stare them down until they blushed as well. A (shhhh…) nudist from the age of 2 years old when she first shed her clothes and ran joyfully up the street, Lucy is all grown up now and tries to add a little class though she is still a fan of knee socks and blushing.